Postgresql вывод информации в «консоль»

IF (select count(*) from json_array_elements(_users)) > 0 THEN
-- select * from dbo.cf_arm_cd_points(1, 5, 1, null, 4);
raise notice '%', _users;
-- обходчики выбраны и находим все маршруты за текущую дату
RETURN QUERY select * from dbo.cf_arm_cd_points((select array_to_json(array_agg(row_to_json(t))) #>> '{id}'
from (select
from core.cd_userinroutes as uir
INNER JOIN core.cd_routes as r ON = uir.f_route
where uir.b_main = true and uir.f_user IN (
select (t.value #>> '{f_user}')::integer from json_array_elements(_users) as t
) and _d_date >= r.d_date_start and (core.cf_old_date(r.d_date_end) or core.cf_old_date(r.d_extended))) as t)::json, now()::date);
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